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Journalist and Broadcaster
People sometimes ask me what it is that makes me sound con dent as a broadcaster 
I always harken back to my days growing up, learning Royal Conservatory vocal,
and standing in front of the examiner to pass each grade  No instrument is more personal than your own voice  To be able to stand in front of someone and sing takes some guts, but it sure does help build your con dence    and
of course, there’s no better way to improve your diction than singing 
Academy Award-winning Producer
The Royal Conservatory of Music was crucial to my development as a musician and in my preparation for my career that has unfolded over the last forty years  I always sweated the exams because there was no “hometown boy” attitude 
I had to compete with the
best of the best in a national competition with extremely high standards 
I have been fortunate to infuse my classical learning into every phase of my musical career  Simply put, I would
not be where I am today had
I not gone through The Royal Conservatory program 
8 The Royal Conservatory April 2014
We know that from early childhood through to retirement years, whether involved in recreational music making or training for a professional career, people who are engaged in music study are sharpening their cognitive skills and developing social connections.
Over the past two decades, several large-scale studies have found
that music students outperform academically compared to other students, often by large margins. Music students tend to be more engaged and motivated in their studies, and more likely to win academic awards.
 anks to the groundbreaking research of neuroscientists, we now have a clear scienti c explanation for this phenomenon. Music study leads to lasting changes in children’s brains, increasing their capacity to perform tasks that require sustained attention and careful listening and reading.
Parents can be more con dent than ever that an investment in music lessons will deliver lifelong bene ts for their child.
To Learn More
Music instruction is bene cial for individuals of all ages, however the research suggests the bene ts are greatest when a child begins at a young age. To learn about the many music education options available, visit or call 1.800.461.6058. We are here to help parents  nd the right music instruction for their children.

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